Thursday, September 23, 2010

GothNoWriMo Planning 5: Gareth

I've let my story settle a little in my mind and now I'm ready to start seriously working it out.  So I've started a new notebook in MS OneNote seperating sections for characters, scenes, conflicts and settings.

I started looking at my characters and have for some reason started on Gareth - My dark, sexy, gothic hero.  he is just so dark and interesting I can't resist working out what makes him tick.

Anyway to help me picture Gareth I've chosen an actor to play him as though it were a movie:

Physical Description: Ask your character to describe himself or
herself using only his three most interesting physical characteristics. 
My hair is overgrown and I like it.  My mother made me cut it, my teachers made me cut it but now they are both gone I keep it shaggy.  Some might say it is a last ditch attempt of rebellion.  I think of it as a reward for loyalty and time served.

I am taller then most but not freakishly so and my jaw is strong as are my arms and body.  I work out to stay strong and I walk a lot to stay fit.  The way I see it the body is a gift and so like everything should be taken care of.

What one thing would you sacrifice almost anything to have, or to have
To have a normal family like those of the people in the town.  A mother and  father who love their kids and don't have dark deadly bloody  secrets.

What wouldn't you sacrifice?
My brother.  He is the only family I have…  And a suppose in a totally brotherly, family way I love him.  Even though he is a bit shallow.

What one thing would you sacrifice almost anything to avoid, or to avoid
having happen?
 I can never allow anyone to find out what my mother did.  She's dead anyway so she can't do any more harm.  I would sacrifice all to protect my family.

What wouldn't you sacrifice?
Nothing - nothing is more important then keeping the secret and protecting my family.

Something recently changed in your life. It might have been something
big or small, something terrible or wonderful or perhaps something
merely unsettling, but your world is different today than it was just days
ago. What changed?
 She arrived.  Annabelle's nosey cousin with all her questions about things that don't concern her.  Chloe is quite simply the most irritating woman I have ever met.  Her need to explore and to know bloody everything is becoming a very real risk to my family secret.  And if it's not bad enough that I have her around under my feet all day she's started filling my head at night too!  With her flashing eyes, wild temper and that long silky blond hair that falls over her shoulders and down her back like the most delicate of curtains.  Her concern for her cousin is pleasing also and her need to find answers to why the girl is sick is understaqndable, but those answers do NOT lay in my families past!

You have chosen to draw one moral line in the sand and not step
over it. What is that line, and why did you choose it?
 I will never marry.  I am too much like my father to ever give a woman the kind of tenderness and warmth she needs and I will NOT let another woman fall into lonely insanity like my mother.


  1. Oh, gotta love OneNote. It's like if Word were a free spirit. :D Gareth seems like a really cool character. Very solid.

  2. This is awesome!! I like Gareth already! :D