Dante's Curse

My MC Chloe and her cousin Annabelle are the only close family each other has left. When Chloe is invited to stay with Annabelle before her wedding on the isolated island she jumps to spend time with her.

But on arriving she finds her cousin sickly and tired and though Annabelle's husband-to-be is concerned his brother is cold, secretive and unwelcoming.

During her stay she hears whispers of a similar illness befalling the brothers' mother and even more rumours of a family curse. As she looks into the history of the Devlin family she discovers a secret that is more terrifying then anything she could imagine and a village still in shock over a run of serial murders that happened over a decade ago.

And for all his cool unwelcoming manners Gareth Dante is a hot blooded man who Chloe discovers is holding more then his share of guilt and family loyalty. As her feelings grow for the dark confusing man is she simply stepping into the spider's web?

Was it madness that plagued the Dante Brothers past or something much more dangerous?