Monday, October 11, 2010

Word Count Update

Alrighty - I'm not sure if I'm done for the night but I'm done for the moment at 4300 words.
Chloe is having sexy dreams about Gareth!  Ahem I'm trying to move the story back to the actual plot here but at least it was a fun way to start the chapter... Evil laugh - You'll have to wait till I'm finished to read :D

On the Nanowrimo front I've just started working out what my story will actually be about - i have a character I want to name Zoe - but is that too close to Zoey redbird??  I guess lots of stories have characters with the same names...  I'll leave it Zoe for now and see if i find another name that feels right later. 

Anyway I have a character who is a teenage werewolf who's parents were murdered in an attempt to force her to join a powerful and dangerous Pack.  She runs away only to be hit by a car six months later and adopted by another pack in the small town of Moonlight Falls.

  • She of course has a general resentment and mistrust of werewolf packs
  • After taking care of herself she really doesn't like all the new rules
  • being back at highschool after six months is hard to adapt to.
  • One of the Alphas-in-training wants her and his girlfriend is not impressed.
  • She is very attracted to the newly warrior-wolf (guards, protectors,) named Hunter.
  • I'm thinking that she could take up training to be a warrior-wolf as well - since she is a strong fighter with a wild temper.  that could bring she and Hunter closer - but of course he already has a mate... or wanabe mate. 
Hmmm let me play with it more and see where it takes me.  I have plenty of time to work it out so there is no rush.

Friday, October 8, 2010


I can'tr believe it!!  I made through 2 days and managed to catch a stomach flu.  I've been sick all week!!  And it goes without saying that I did absolutely NO writing.


Alright  the month isn't over yet I still have 20 days left so I'm not giving up.  I was just really hoping to spend the time left after I'd finished to plan out my Nanowri...  I'll just have to multi-task - Maybe plan out my Nano in the morning and write my goth at night.

Anyway though I'm feeling better I'm still a bit tired so I'm going to go get more rest.  the theory is that if i get plenty of rest and orange juice over the weekend I'll be ready to go on Monday.

Kisses and hugs all round. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Word Count

WooHoo!  3300 words.
I packed up my laptop and a 600ml bottle of diet coke and flew down to the library.  It's so quiet here!!  I just wrote and wrote for an hour and a half.  But my stomach is telling me to get off my but and feed it so I might write some more later or I might not... No pressure!! :D  Happy sigh.

Word count update...

WOW!!  I had planned to simply plug in another 500 words this afternoon but at the end of my session I finished with a grand total of 1700 words!!

So far I've had Chloe blushing under the flirty attentions of a sailor and remembering the amazing night she spent with Gareth Dante at her cousin's wedding and the fact that he never called!  She was secretly hoping that he would be glad to see her but as it turns out he seems pretty damn angry about her being invited...

She slept with Gareth!!  At Shaun and Annabelle's wedding!  Where the hell did that come from??  I think this should be a lession to me - don't worry so much if the outline isn't perfect.  If I'm prepared to write it - the story will come.

Anyway I'm going to go get some sleep - working and writing and making dinner for three children is hard work.

Below is a snippet from my days writing - remember that this is first draft stuff and probably stunted with crappy dialogue and terrible spelling lol.


     As we powered up the road I couldn’t resist looking into the rear view mirror at the shrinking dock.  But as I watched a woman stepped out onto the dock.  She was veiled all in black; odd for such a hot day.  On instinct I turned my head to look out the back window but by then the dock was little more then a dot in the distance.
     “Did you see that?”  I demanded, not really sure why I felt so unsettled.
     “See what?” he responded without taking his eyes off the road.
     “A woman, robed all in black from head to toe was out on the dock.”
     This time he threw me a look.  “Ah-huh.”
     “There was!”
     “I believe you,” he said his voice completely deadpan as though he meant anything but.  “You say there was a woman roving the docks dressed in heavy black robes in the middle of Queensland summer – then that’s what you saw.”
     His ironic tone raised my hackles.  “I did!”
     “And I believe you.” He said with forced patience.  A tone he might use on a pre-tantrum child.  A tone that said he was not going to argue but enjoyed making her feel the fool.
     I wanted to respond with a loud, I did.  But knew it would hit dead ears and more insulting responses.  So I bit my lip and stared hard angry daggers out the window.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

And we're off and running!!

I got up nice and early this morning and plugged in 500 words and I'll try for another 500 tonight as well.  I didn't reallt bother to flesh out my main character because it always seems to kill my muse but the moment i started writing I discovered the following things about Chloe:
  1. Her boyfriend packed and left her for another woman about 8 months ago.
  2. Only recently has his rejection stopped hurting.
  3. She's lonely.
I can't wait to find out more about her!  I've never quite understood how my characters come to life without my actually thinking about them but they just do, so why fight it??

Saturday, September 25, 2010

GothNoWriMo Planning 6: Outline

Finally!  I have completed a rough outline for my novella.  I've estimated around twelve chapters with two scenes of between 1000 to 2000 words each.  So all in all I have 24 scenes and if I can manage one scene a day I should have this wrapped up with possibly as much as 30000 words in 24 days...

Well that's the plan anyway.

So now I might start tentitively thinking about my Nanowri.  I'm aiming for 60000 - 70000 thousand word YA novel about a teenage werewolf on the run after her parents are murdered.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

GothNoWriMo Planning 5: Gareth

I've let my story settle a little in my mind and now I'm ready to start seriously working it out.  So I've started a new notebook in MS OneNote seperating sections for characters, scenes, conflicts and settings.

I started looking at my characters and have for some reason started on Gareth - My dark, sexy, gothic hero.  he is just so dark and interesting I can't resist working out what makes him tick.

Anyway to help me picture Gareth I've chosen an actor to play him as though it were a movie:

Physical Description: Ask your character to describe himself or
herself using only his three most interesting physical characteristics. 
My hair is overgrown and I like it.  My mother made me cut it, my teachers made me cut it but now they are both gone I keep it shaggy.  Some might say it is a last ditch attempt of rebellion.  I think of it as a reward for loyalty and time served.

I am taller then most but not freakishly so and my jaw is strong as are my arms and body.  I work out to stay strong and I walk a lot to stay fit.  The way I see it the body is a gift and so like everything should be taken care of.

What one thing would you sacrifice almost anything to have, or to have
To have a normal family like those of the people in the town.  A mother and  father who love their kids and don't have dark deadly bloody  secrets.

What wouldn't you sacrifice?
My brother.  He is the only family I have…  And a suppose in a totally brotherly, family way I love him.  Even though he is a bit shallow.

What one thing would you sacrifice almost anything to avoid, or to avoid
having happen?
 I can never allow anyone to find out what my mother did.  She's dead anyway so she can't do any more harm.  I would sacrifice all to protect my family.

What wouldn't you sacrifice?
Nothing - nothing is more important then keeping the secret and protecting my family.

Something recently changed in your life. It might have been something
big or small, something terrible or wonderful or perhaps something
merely unsettling, but your world is different today than it was just days
ago. What changed?
 She arrived.  Annabelle's nosey cousin with all her questions about things that don't concern her.  Chloe is quite simply the most irritating woman I have ever met.  Her need to explore and to know bloody everything is becoming a very real risk to my family secret.  And if it's not bad enough that I have her around under my feet all day she's started filling my head at night too!  With her flashing eyes, wild temper and that long silky blond hair that falls over her shoulders and down her back like the most delicate of curtains.  Her concern for her cousin is pleasing also and her need to find answers to why the girl is sick is understaqndable, but those answers do NOT lay in my families past!

You have chosen to draw one moral line in the sand and not step
over it. What is that line, and why did you choose it?
 I will never marry.  I am too much like my father to ever give a woman the kind of tenderness and warmth she needs and I will NOT let another woman fall into lonely insanity like my mother.