Saturday, September 18, 2010

GothNoWriMo Planning 4: Title

And I have a Title!!

Dante's Curse

Chloe Hamilton
Shaun and Gareth Dante
Annabelle Hamilton


  1. That banner is so cool. You make it yourself?
    Also, your GothNoWriMo idea sounds awesome. :D

  2. Thanks :) Yes I find that making banners gets my muse working better.

  3. Your blog is awesome and inspiring! It's good to see you're hard at work with planning! :) I'm really considering taking part in GothNoWriMo. I've never written any gothic-themed story before, so this would be something new and exciting for me to undertake!

  4. You should!! They're really flexible I mean I'm only doing a 20000 word novella Ahem though this story I'm working on may run longer lol.