Monday, October 11, 2010

Word Count Update

Alrighty - I'm not sure if I'm done for the night but I'm done for the moment at 4300 words.
Chloe is having sexy dreams about Gareth!  Ahem I'm trying to move the story back to the actual plot here but at least it was a fun way to start the chapter... Evil laugh - You'll have to wait till I'm finished to read :D

On the Nanowrimo front I've just started working out what my story will actually be about - i have a character I want to name Zoe - but is that too close to Zoey redbird??  I guess lots of stories have characters with the same names...  I'll leave it Zoe for now and see if i find another name that feels right later. 

Anyway I have a character who is a teenage werewolf who's parents were murdered in an attempt to force her to join a powerful and dangerous Pack.  She runs away only to be hit by a car six months later and adopted by another pack in the small town of Moonlight Falls.

  • She of course has a general resentment and mistrust of werewolf packs
  • After taking care of herself she really doesn't like all the new rules
  • being back at highschool after six months is hard to adapt to.
  • One of the Alphas-in-training wants her and his girlfriend is not impressed.
  • She is very attracted to the newly warrior-wolf (guards, protectors,) named Hunter.
  • I'm thinking that she could take up training to be a warrior-wolf as well - since she is a strong fighter with a wild temper.  that could bring she and Hunter closer - but of course he already has a mate... or wanabe mate. 
Hmmm let me play with it more and see where it takes me.  I have plenty of time to work it out so there is no rush.

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  1. *waves* Hi. I just wandered over here from the Nano forum because I liked the sound of your novel. I thought I'd better introduce yourself 'cause I think just following someone without doing that can come across as a bit creepy.

    I love werewolf stories. Good luck with your Nano book!