Friday, October 1, 2010

Word count update...

WOW!!  I had planned to simply plug in another 500 words this afternoon but at the end of my session I finished with a grand total of 1700 words!!

So far I've had Chloe blushing under the flirty attentions of a sailor and remembering the amazing night she spent with Gareth Dante at her cousin's wedding and the fact that he never called!  She was secretly hoping that he would be glad to see her but as it turns out he seems pretty damn angry about her being invited...

She slept with Gareth!!  At Shaun and Annabelle's wedding!  Where the hell did that come from??  I think this should be a lession to me - don't worry so much if the outline isn't perfect.  If I'm prepared to write it - the story will come.

Anyway I'm going to go get some sleep - working and writing and making dinner for three children is hard work.

Below is a snippet from my days writing - remember that this is first draft stuff and probably stunted with crappy dialogue and terrible spelling lol.


     As we powered up the road I couldn’t resist looking into the rear view mirror at the shrinking dock.  But as I watched a woman stepped out onto the dock.  She was veiled all in black; odd for such a hot day.  On instinct I turned my head to look out the back window but by then the dock was little more then a dot in the distance.
     “Did you see that?”  I demanded, not really sure why I felt so unsettled.
     “See what?” he responded without taking his eyes off the road.
     “A woman, robed all in black from head to toe was out on the dock.”
     This time he threw me a look.  “Ah-huh.”
     “There was!”
     “I believe you,” he said his voice completely deadpan as though he meant anything but.  “You say there was a woman roving the docks dressed in heavy black robes in the middle of Queensland summer – then that’s what you saw.”
     His ironic tone raised my hackles.  “I did!”
     “And I believe you.” He said with forced patience.  A tone he might use on a pre-tantrum child.  A tone that said he was not going to argue but enjoyed making her feel the fool.
     I wanted to respond with a loud, I did.  But knew it would hit dead ears and more insulting responses.  So I bit my lip and stared hard angry daggers out the window.

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  1. Wow, sounds great so far. Congrats on getting further than you thought. Looking forward to more of your progress. :)